I haven’t made a post lately

…but I would like to…..

If it weren’t for this planet, I wouldn’t be living here. Where would you be? I’m trying to figure out what they have done with WordPress. This text should be appearing below the photo. What gives?

171006 Van from North VanDippity doo! Somehow I done it.

This is a view I see quite often. It can be sunny; it can be rainy. Today it is just cloudy. And I got a lot done today.

I got autism it seems. I’m relatively smart and they call that high functioning autism. But like a lot of autists (makes more sense to me to spell it that way) I am not too good socially. People like me yes but I don’t have a one-on-one friend. It’s like I want something from them they aren’t willing to give, and I’m trying to figure out what that might be.

Girls are attractive. I am affected simply by the fact they are girls. Or maybe women might be a better word. I react to the fact they are women.

Then when it comes to men, I don’t want to socialize with them at all. I’m not quite sure what men want with me. Sometimes they ask me for coffee. I might say yes then later cancel. I might say no. I have socialized with a guy three times over the past six months. I wonder what he wants with me. He says he is married and has a son. And he has introduced them to me. But the whole arrangement just looks like to me that he just picked them up somewhere and brought them along. They are a very strange threesome to me. Consequently if he asks me again I am going to say no. I’m interested in girls / females / women.

I seem to scare them off. I’m just not good socially. I am obviously doing something completely wrong in their eyes.

I’m so busy all the time. I did many things around the apartment today. Rearranged some things. Did some laundry yesterday. Added an app to my phone so I wouldn’t need to use cellular so much and actually be able to use the phone any time I need. I’ve done so many things around here lately it’s too trivial to list. Up until the Spring I got out more and was spending too much money. Around the beginning of July I strained a knee and had to take it easy over the Summer. It’s feeling a lot better now and taking things carefully, I have started to walk again. I walk long distances and take photos among the other things I do. What do you do?

I love music, cosmology, politics, archaeology … just too many things. I haven’t been able to work for money in a long time. But I have a small pension and I am able to be careful with my spending and buy essentials. Up until the Spring I had been going to lots of events, like poetry readings (another interest), but so often when I go to them I have to buy a meal some place more expensive than eating at home. It wasn’t working out. My sore knee was almost a blessing. But I was worried it might become permanent so took very very much care. It still hurts if I go too fast so I pace myself more. But exercise helps too. No exercise is not the right path.

It’s splendid where I live. The people in the apartment above me are annoying but in some way it is better than no interaction at all. In fact it has been very beneficial. I have been in the same one-bedroom place now for 32 years as of October 1. Go figure. I can’t afford to move and really the location is ideal. Sometimes I get over-upset about the people above me and sometimes they do with me. It ain’t the end of the world. It helps me learn how to socialize. I wish it could be better but having that wish makes me work in that direction. I don’t quite understand the girl and her son above me. They don’t seem to do much most of the time. I have ADHD compared to them. I almost always have to have something to do.

So, that’s autism and ADHD. My analysis of the human race is that we are all human. And the many things they call handicaps or whatever, well, everyone has some of them to one extent or a another. No one is completely totally perfect. We all have different skills. Some of us are good at this or that and some of us are not. We complement each other.

And that is what makes up the human race and how the world goes round. Till next time, I am yours, George Chris Michas …..


Paradise is at your door

pILVdNFMQkywt9LVQjQeVg_thumb_2f0eWhen I got up this morning, I felt awful. I got out and out the door and went a long way. It was hot. I couldn’t take it. I took a different route just to see where it took me. I was 12 minutes late. I looked at the room and the door entered at the front, and everyone would see me walk in. I was uncomfortable. I sat in the lobby 10 minutes playing with my phone. And left.

I went back to Skytrain and went home. I laid down. I was still awful. But not so hot. The heat of the outdoors had not reached inside yet. I’d left only one window open. I thought that was smart. I ate the flat of strawberries I got Thursday throwing out 4 or 5 that did not look the same. I’d eaten the other flat the last two days. Two flats for $20: I thought that a bargain but was wondering if I would get through them.

I walked past the building above on Thursday. It wasn’t so hot and I felt good. I don’t feel the same any more. I am 68 and will be 69 on July 3 next week (2017). Canada Day July 1 is on Saturday but will be observed on the Monday July 3 conveniently my birthday. My birthday is a holiday this year, not especially for me. In 1608 on July 3 Quebec City was founded by Samuel de Champlain of France, exactly 340 years before I was born. Now isn’t that exciting. I had to find something special about my birthday when I was young and growing up and this was the special day I found. I learned more recently that Prince Charles of England was born in November 1948, so I am a few months older than him. I am glad they did not get the babies mixed up. I would not want to be in Prince Charles’ position. I would not want to be Prince Charles. He has all the money in the world and privilege to boot but it must be boring.

I have done many things in my life. A lot of people like to travel. Not for me. I lived in Toronto for 23 months but otherwise have lived in British Columbia: in a small town called Chemainus (my first memories) until Grade 3. And then in Metro Vancouver for the balance. When my parents first married, they lived in a basement suite in the upper reaches of North Vancouver. When Mom’s parents moved to Duncan, they let Mom and Dad live in the vacated house in Vancouver. I spent the first year of my life there.

Now I am an old man not so old but fading it seems because I am getting tired of my little ills that seem to be increasing and I hate it. I have been fine up until almost a year ago. Now I am getting very tired of all the little ills that are popping up. The doctor says they are normal. Thanks a lot. I try to eat perfect diet, get lots of exercise, and get out and see people. I often feel people don’t like me much. I have never been good socially. It was only in 2003 that I realized that it was fear that was stifling my ability to learn how to socialize a all. When I was 55. People had been saying to me around that time it was best to take risks socially. And when I started doing that, I figured out the fear part. I think I have autism. I am very smart and functional.

I have no specialty or special interest. I have many. You have to be an expert at one thing to do a job. And I have never been able to decide on one. I think they are either too easy thus boring, or too hard and I can’t do it. You have to start somewhere. Maybe that is the lesson I just learned now. Instead of pandering my little body day in day out, I should pick something and start at the beginning. What am I good at?

A Post Is Known 170208

Crow on a Pole

It’s been a while since I made a post….. Like an earlier post, I post in bunches. I haven’t posted here in a while because I seem to get little exposure. I suppose there are many possible reasons: 1) I am not using exposure tools very well. 2) Much of my writing is boring. 3) It is not on topics of interest to people that come to my page / See 1) and 2).

You can see on my photo when I took this photo. “Crow on a Pole” sums it up simply. I would ask what things you would have me write on. I’m not sure.

The World today is becoming dystopian. There are Big Brother eyes everywhere: those little cameras on ceilings and walls. Satellites in orbit in near Space. Ostensibly for our own safety and protection. Security people looking at everybody. Does he / she look guilty? Are they appearing guilty under my gaze?

The planet. What will it be like in 100 years? Will we be living under domes? If it heats up enough, water and oxygen will escape into Space and we will be like Mars, with a rusty surface as nature erodes what is left. Siberia and the Canadian North will be agri-able. But what will be the point with no water or oxygen?

Next week I will present my solution.


A lot of my poems (c)151023 George Chris Michas

A lot of my poems
Are stories of sorts
I start somewhere like this
And end somewhere else
I start really small
Meander like a brook
Till the story’s a message
Till the reader
Gets hooked
I’ll write about dolphins
Horses and orcas
How they swim
Become friends
Find mates
Become families
Like I wish I could
For there’s always an element
Of me in my stories
What I want for me
Or maybe for you
Or maybe for both of us
Maybe for two
It’s ideal the ending
A crescendo climax
An ideal ending
Of conjecture and facts
I might make my home
By a stream in the woods
Looking out for bears
And fishing for food
Cranberries, boysenberries
Rabbits and ilk
I love antlered animals
I don’t want to eat crow
I know that that saying
Has meaning of sorts
I don’t know where it comes from
Why it means what it means
A man and a woman
And pretty soon three
A family for me
Has almost always been my dream
It started in Grade 2
At elementary school
A game boys chase the girls
Then the girls chase the boys
I suddenly realized
That when you grow up
You pair off that way
Grow up and get married
And start your family
You got to get work
To support your beautiful mate
Nowadays though
Both partners must work
To make ends meet
Families are smaller
All prices are so high
Inflation, pollution
Not everything
Is apple pie
Where I live is Canada
Way out on its West Coast
There’s islands and forests
Mountains and streams
In many ways it is
So ideal to me
The best place to live
On this our planet Earth
That we are polluting
Killing ourselves off
Killing off all life
No longer such rain
More and more desert
No grown crops remain
It’s rocks and it’s tundra
And taiga, less land
As oceans rise and take back
The land God gave us
When he divided the waters
To make land
Of course, that’s just one story
More people believe these days
In evolution a beginning
Not only of our planet home
But of the Universe itself
We are starting to think
There was Universe before Universe
It’s one continuity
Some believe in singularity
Where everything ceased
Then started again
I wonder
I think that lifeforms
Such as us and more
Figure out how to live through
Said singularity the Big Bang
It can’t be impossible
We are here
What would be the point of the Universe
Killing off all life
And starting again
We have just scratched the surface
It’s always that way
And this is the story
That I wrote today
What can I say?
This poem worked out THIS way


151021 I make posts periodically in lumps

I don’t make posts here too often. I will write more often on FB. Personal things, poetry, Shares with my comments, just like everybody. It’s like lots of my writing is for that group of people, and I don’t wish to garner a large following here on WordPress. I could write about lots of things. For example, yesterday I went for a few long walks. The first one with a MeetUp group of people. The other 2 alone. For my MeetUp walk, we met at Yaletown rapid transit station and left there at 2pm. The walk took us along the seawall to and through Stanley Park to Prospect Point, overlooking the First Narrows / Lions Gate Bridge at the entrance to Vancouver’s inner harbor. We would make pitstops from time to time, and pause to take pictures. From Prospect Point we then walked over the Lions Gate Bridge to Park Royal shopping centre, where we completed our walk with a meal inside the Osaka Supermarket.

I left there around 5:15 and took the bus back downtown arriving at Granville & Georgia a 5:45. I walked East to Britannia library at Commercial Drive arriving before 6:30 because I was going to another MeetUp: Choir practice at Wise Hall at 7pm. I always seem to be early when I go places because I’m afraid I will be late. For the walking MeetUp, obviously you have to get there before they leave at 2pm. But I got there before 1:30. So, I walked around the neighborhood and took a few pictures. And made a pitstop of my own at Yaletown Community Centre. Wise Hall is only a 5 minute walk from Britannia library, but I noticed they were putting out books for sale by donation, that I guess they found no need for any more. I bought 5 and gave them $15. One was a book of poetry, a 2nd a book of Canadian literature, one by Richard Dawkins, the 4th named Caesar Against the Celts; the 5th named “Medicine Woman” by “New York Times Bestselling Author” Lynn V. Andrews.

Andrews is a First Nations (aboriginal) woman. “Medicine Woman is the autobiographical account of a woman’s search for identity in a Native American culture….” (San Francisco Review of Books) As you can see my reading appreciations are eclectic. I love things about other religions and people living in other belief systems than my own. I find them intriguing and I often take something away to add to my own acceptance of the World. Different people see things so differently from each other – based on their life experiences and the societies they grow up with. A brief look at Christianity, for example, says that anyone who isn’t a Christian is pagan. A lot of religions believe in a similar exclusivity. But you add up the total of all the beliefs and you arrive at a great swath of knowledge and information.

My opinion is that no one religion is right or wrong. They lend to the whole. In a way there are as many “religions” as there are people. Because no two people believe exactly the same thing simply because they are individual / different people, with different backgrounds and experiences. Even any two Christians (I am closest aware of them) do not believe exactly the same thing as much as they might say otherwise. Otherwise, why would there be, for example, Bible studies to try and figure out and determine and agree on what it says, never to completely reach that end?

It’s exciting. Two of the earliest gods were the Earth and the sky. The Earth the symbol of fertility because that is where we find our food and crops and therefore female. And the sky which provides the Sun and the rain to grow those crops like perhaps semen, and therefore male. Just for example. I will leave you there…..



Luck Run Out, a poem (today: 150918)


Good grief, Charlie Brown
You mean, I’m being run out of town
Like Daffy Duck
I am sweet out of luck
And I’m not welcome ’roun’ here no more

She said she was mine
She would be mine all the time
She would love me like the
Sweetest of wine
But she has got tired of me
Of my ways
My always the same kind of ways
And now she was showing me
The door

That she wasn’t mine no more
That I wasn’t hers
She was tired of the burrs
In my beard
I thought kind of weird
Was I such the freak
That both of us had
Done mistake?

I borrow by the lake
I look at the ducks
And the geese swimming ’roun’
The tears from my eyes
Are overflowing the lake
As I cry
As I cry
And ask why.


4 Little Poems 4 Today

Crow on a Pole

150817 A Poem (c) George Chris Michas
I throw together a lot of words that rhyme
Then break the rhyme
When nothing seems to fit
With that already written
I try to do it in such a way
To astound

150818 The irony is (c)George Chris Michas
My shirt needs ironing
Yet I wouldn’t iron this shirt
At all.
So what are you up to
My maiden so fair
Do you hasten when I beckon
You call.

150819 A Message I Send (c)George Chris Michas
When the message is required
To iron your heart to my heed
The message is complete
When you answer my message
And you fill my every need
But the message is deleted
When the message is completed
If I’m not nice enough in return
If I rub you the wrong way, you burn
Sorry just isn’t enough when I never learn

150819 There was a crow on my fence today (c)George Chris Michas
I looked at it and it flew away